Loading Ramps, Foldable

You can independently load your Swiss-Trac into the boot of a station wagon using foldable loading ramps.

Foldable loading ramps of 1.4 and 1.6 metres are available (total folded length: 70 cm and 80 cm, respectively), should the loading sill of your car be higher than 55 cm or the standard loading ramps (1.25 m) not fit in your boot.

When travelling by plane, for example, store your foldable loading ramps in a special travel bag (only available for 1.4 m ramps).

Foldable loading ramps, 140 cm

  • Length folded
    70 cm
  • Height of loading sill
    > 55 cm
  • Weight
    3.9 kg

Foldable loading ramps, 160 cm

  • Lenght folded
    80 cm
  • Height of loading sill
    > 60 cm
  • Weight
    4.3 kg

Transport bag, for 140 cm ramps only

  • Weight
    0.4 kg
  • Length
    75 cm

Delivery time upon order from your dealer: approx. 5 days

Included in your Swiss-Trac delivery is a pair of 1.25 m loading ramps for loading into the boot of a car.